CREATE is headed by a seasoned professional having combined experience of  more than 32 years of working in a multi-disciplinary environment. He had, initially worked in one of India’s premier research and consultancy organizations named ORG (now Nielsen ORG) for over 13 years.

Besides, the core team of professionals comprises people drawn from various disciplines, who have worked with reputed institutions, organizations and departments in the country.


The solid background of the leadership team and the employees allow us to deliver high quality service. Also, the smaller size of our organization, translating into lower overheads, allows us to provide the cost competitiveness that cannot be found in large research outfits.

Range of Services

Having worked with country’s premier organizations/institutions on a variety of small and large-scale assignments, the CREATE team has made some pioneering contributions in the social development sector, the population, reproductive and child health, education, water and sanitation sectors in particular. The range of service offered includes:

    >> Planning and Project Development            >> Project Management

    >> Baseline, Midline and Endline                          Surveys

    >> Monitoring & Evaluation of Govt.                    Projects/Programs  

    >> Impact and effectiveness studies

    >> Market Research & opinion Polls

    >> Customer Satisfaction Studies

    >> Census of households and mapping

    >> Census of shops and enterprises 

Research skills

The team comprises the specialists in disciplines such as Social Sciences, Demography/ Statistics, Education, Rural Development, Anthropology, Water supply and Sanitation etc. One of the major strengths of these professionals in their areas of specializations is their continuous endeavor for developing and devising appropriate research designs and methodologies to explore and study the particular dimensions of human behaviors, social change, and various other practices that concern the human being in their day to day life. 

Research techniques/methods used in data collection comprise both the qualitative and quantitative techniques. Specifically these are:

  • Face to Face interview

  • In-depth interviews

  • Self-completion interview

  • Print and media tests

  • Concept tests

  • Telephonic interviews

  • Focus group discussions

  • Mystery Surveys

  • Customer satisfaction surveys etc